Birth Announcement Etiquette

Courtesy of Sweet-Pea-Creations

Baby has ARRIVED! This is the most exciting day ever, and you want absolutely everyone to know about your little sweet pea. But – what to send? When? What do I say?
Rather than pull out you hair wondering what on earth you’re going to do – after all you’re busy doing the most important job of all – having your baby – relax – we’ve got you covered at Sweet-Pea-Creations.
You won’t have to give announcements a second thought when you talk to us. We specialize in custom handmade birth announcements, adoption announcements, baby shower invitations, baptism/christening invitations and matching note cards.
When you visit us, you’ll be totally captivated by our unique, one-of-a-kind designs. We know you’re baby is special and you want the very best announcement to introduce your child to friends and family.

Tips for YOUR birth announcements!
You can, and should, send your birth announcements to anyone you can think of who’d want to share your special news. There’s nothing quite like announcing that your very special little bundle has arrived. If you’re able to, try and send out your birth announcements as close as possible to the actual birth.
With a little pre-planning, you can have the design and verse already picked out, have the envelopes addressed and everything ready to be put into the mail. Where we come in is when you send us your baby’s vital statistics – date of birth, weight, height, time of arrival. Once we have that delightful information, we immediately put your information into your pre-selected, handmade customized birth announcement – print them, and send them to you. No two cards are ever alike!
Birth Announcements

What to include in YOUR announcement!
Be creative and have fun by writing your own verse – or – choose from our sample verses. You can also check our selection of font styles – mix and match to your heart’s content.

Basically, your announcement should have a short passage from a poem or popular phrase, your child’s full name, date of birth, weight, length, time and place of birth. Of course, what you choose to include, is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable using. Don’t forget the close, which usually has the parent’s names and names of any other siblings. You can also include grandparent’s names as well.
You may want to include a picture of your newborn, or wait until your child is older. Both practices are widely accepted, so choose what works best for you. Either way, you’ll be totally delighted with our cards at Sweet-Pea-Creations – where announcing your little one in style is our specialty.
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